Friday, April 8, 2011

How Increase Your Blog Traffic

1. Promotion in the classifieds
You can promote your blog through classified ads, which are usually free but there are also paid. For a beginner is better to use the free, do you think is the ad line simply as a place of promotion but our site with classified ads will also be easy lookups by search engines. Often I am googling to find articles and most of the show is the blog of the classifieds. So this classified ad you should try to increase your blog traffic. Sites that I recommend is: of this site can spread mass advertising and, simultaneously, only with a one-time ad posting. So you do not have to bother advertising spread in various other classified ads. To sign up for free. with this site posts your ad will automatically update. So every week or month your ad will be on updating the site.

2. Submit Your Blog To Blog Directory
Blogs directory is a site that provides container service sites and blogs can also see our blog ranking. By registering in our blog directory will get a backlink and our blog will be indexed by google. To find sites you could find yourself on google.

3. Register your blog to search engines
In fact without registering or blog we often called our blog addurl automatically be indexed by search engines. But to further ensure better to register yourself to our blog to search engines. To register the address in google / addurl

4. Show pages on social networking sites
For those of you who like to use social networking sites are very suitable medium to promote your blog. Able to put our url link on our profile page but can also send messages to friends kit a. With social networking sites we can promote effective because most already know and is searching for a blog site often looking as most curious about the contents of our blog.

5. Join the forum which can support
By joining the forum but can add to knowledge and experience of friends, but also as a discussion of the optimization blog more interesting for visitors.

6. Complete description of your blog
Most bloggers often miss a par about blog description. Because the actual description of blogs is very important for the reader. Also search engines will also read your blog description, so if there is no description search engine only displays the title of the blog and pieces of my article so it would be less clear to readers who found our blog search engine

7. Install the chat box on your blog
Although existing facilities comment on the article but shout box is also often used by readers just to say hello or ask about the content of your blog articles. With the shout box the reader will be more simple and easy to use for giving greeting or criticism in your blog. It also can be used for media exchange link between fellow bloggers.

8. Often give comment on the other blog
Not just read an article on the blogs of others but more mantab again by leaving a comment on the article or in the shout box provided. Besides looking for backlinks to comment, this shows the attention or respect to blogs reader and blog owners will usually do the reciprocal by visiting our blog.

Hopefully all the above tips can be useful, I will add further tips based on my experience as a blogger.

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  1. Hey I am just starting out and that was a lot helpful

  2. Good Afternoon,

    Number #1 and number #6 are my favorite. I am saving your article to come back and spend more time on the list which is important to me.

    Thank You,

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